San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Known tourism facilities are beach resorts, hotels and restaurants.

The major attractions of the industrial town of San Jose are its three offshore islands - Ambulong, Ilin, and White Island. San Jose is also a favorite jump-off point to the world-class diving site - Apo Reef Marine Park.

Ambulong Island
Ambulong Island is a 30 km² island with fine beaches, cliffs and abundant coral formations. It is characterized by white sand beaches, cliffs along pillars jutting out of the water, and underwater caves. Coral gardens and tropical fish are abundant in several coves. The coral gardens and the white sand beaches are fantastic. A fisherman's village is located at the sheltered side of the island. Ambulong Island is also a jump-off point to some of the dive spots in the area, such as the Iling Point, Baniaga Reef, Ambulong Bank, Dungan Reef, Sardines Reef, Apo Reef, and Manadi Island. These dive sites are about an hour away by pumpboat from the Caminawit Port.
Ilin Island
Ilin Island has a village of shell divers, being abundant in shells and coral reefs. Mina de Oro Beach Resort (Barangay Inasakan, Ilin Island; an hour by boat from surrounding islands). This resort serves as a jump-off point to other attractions of the island of Ilin. There are ancient burial caves of early Chinese traders, ethnic fishing villages, and numerous dive sites from which to view many tropical fishes. Lush foliage encircle the clear blue waters of the South China Sea. There are scuba diving facilities, a 6.8 CTM compressor, seaport facilities, diveboats, and PADI and NAUI-certified instructors.
White Island (Manadi, Barrio Ilin, San Jose; 15 minutes by pumpboat from Caminawit Port)
White Island has a long powdery beach where buried turtle eggs are occasionally found. It has an almost mile-long beach with smooth and powdery white sand. The tranquil and peaceful island is an ideal place for swimming, scuba diving and fishing. Turtle eggs are occasionally found buried in the sand, and visitors are cautioned to keep them undisturbed.
Apo Reef
Apo Reef is located in the territorial waters of the municipality of Sablayan, but San Jose is one of the points of entry of those who wish to get there. The Apo Reef Marine Park includes the fascinating bird-populated islands of Binangaan and Cajos del Bajo, which are surrounded by waters with over 500 species of marine life and luxuriant coral growth represented by approximately 400 to 500 kaleidoscopic coral species.
Mt. Iglit National Park
It is located in an area shared by the municipalities of Sablayan and Calintaan, but San Jose is also the main gateway there. It is a sanctuary for the 'tamaraw (Anoa Mindorensis), an endemic specie of buffalo found only in Mindoro. It provides a nice eco-tourism, trekking, or mountaineering alternative to beach/dive resorts.