Pearl Farm Davao attractions

The Pearl Farm's attractions however, go much deeper than surface delights. Two (2) sunken World War II Japanese vessels await discovery from scuba divers, just 60 meters away from the resort. Marine life has been protected and nurtured over the past years, and the area surrounding the resort has been declared a marine sanctuary.

Located within a garden of vegetation amidst a man-made flowing waterfall, Ylang Ylang Spa stands out sweetly in the arms of nature’s embrace. This sanctuary offers a wide range of beauty and health treatments such as wraps, facials, body massage and foot spas - available as individual treatments or in indulgent packages.

Indulge your senses into soothing treatments using natural ingredients known for their healing and wellness effect for the mind, body and spirit.

Pleasure aside, the resort offers 3 function rooms and boardrooms with outstanding facilities and equipments designed to allow total concentration necessary for power meetings and conferences. Arrangements can be made to accommodate a maximum of 70 persons.

More flexible options can be made through other meeting and food & beverage outlets such as the Mandaya Restaurant, Malipano Island, and other key areas in the resort.