Greenhills Shopping Center

Greenhills Shopping Center is a shopping center in the city of San Juan in the Philippines. It has over 2,000 stores, and espouses an 'indoor-outdoor' theme, with the shopping center having the appearance of several distinct buildings (some separated by a main road) that are all interconnected through pathways and bridges. It hosts a Roman Catholic chapel and a Muslim prayer room, a development which sparked protests from the local Christian-dominated community. The shopping center is bounded by Ortigas Avenue on the west, Connecticut Street on the south, Club Filipino (also known as McKinley), Eisenhower, and Annapolis streets on the north, and Missouri Street on the east. This mall faces the tip end of Wilson Street.

Annapolis Carpark Square: a carpark hosting computer shops and popular fast-food franchises such as Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, KFC, and Yoshinoya.
The Jewellery: a vaulted hallway that leads to a plethora of jewellery shops.
Connecticut Carpark: a carpark featuring restaurants and bars on the ground floor. Trendy and upscale.
Bridgeway Shops: a strip of shops and stores located between the elevated bridge leading to the Connecticut Carpark and the 2nd floor of the Centermall, where various cellphone shops are found.
The Shops: a wide hallway featuring local and foreign boutiques, Cinnabon and Watsons, a drugstore.
LifeStyle Center: contains a sports center and antique merchandise, such as furnitures, old coins and other memorabilia.
Beauty Central: contains salons, beauty parlors, and diet restaurants
McKinley Arcade: features upscale restaurants specializing in Filipino cuisine.
The Strip: features Chinese and other Asian restaurants.
Theater Mall: contains cinemas and a few boutiques, software shops, and restaurants.
Promenade: contains cinemas, restaurants, KTV, concert hall, and book shops. Trendy and upscale, and a popular destination for young people.
Music Museum
Shoppesville Arcade: One of the older shopping centers in the Greenhills Shopping Center. Made up of 4 levels. The lower 2 levels contain various shops, selling local and imported merchandise. The 3rd level is mostly composed of stores selling RTWs, toys, and other gadgets. The 4th level, known as Shoppesville Plus, hosts many computer shops formerly located Virra Mall, before it was renovated into the new V-Mall.
V-Mall: contains computer shops, some boutiques, some of SM Prime's stores, a bookstore and a food court.