Higantes festival or Feast of San Clemente

Adding color and gaiety to Angono town fiesta, celebrated early the 23rd of November, are the "Higantes", paper to mache to giants measuring four to five feet in diameter and ten to twelve feet in height. Philippine Rizal Angono's joyous major festival in honor of San Clemente (patron saint of fishermen) whose image, glorious in papal vestment, is carried by male devotees during a procession accompanied by "pahadores” (devotees dressed in colorful local costumes or fishermen’s clothes, wooden shoes and carrying boat paddles, fish nets, traps, etc.) and “higantes" (giant paper mache images). The street event finishes in a fluvial procession in Laguna de Bay amidst revelry that continues until the image is brought back to its sanctuary.

Angono lies to the east of Pasig City. Take the Angono-bound buses at the Shaw Boulevard terminal in Pasig. Travel time is 45 minutes but can stretch to over an hour, as traffic tends to be heavy.

Located in the nearby province of Rizal, Angono has always been known as a haven for artists. Renowned Filipino painters and sculptors like Nemiranda and Jose V. Blanco trace their roots to this town. A Street near the old church is, in fact, lined with the wall paintings of Carlos "Botong" Francisco, National Artist for Painting. There are also a number of galleries where one can view and purchase their work, as well as those made by their talented protégées.