The first image Malapascua offers will stay with you for a long time: an exceedingly beautiful pristine stretch of white sand, crystal clear waters bordered by coconut trees and a dozen of scattered native style resorts. Malapascua is known to the locals as Longon and this vision of secret beach is whimsically named Bounty beach. It lays 8km off the north of Cebu, has a community of about 400 inhabitants. A walk or a tour unto the whole Island will take you about 3 hours. One way or another it's main resource is the sea: divers and fishermen work side by side with force of compromises.

Snorkeling and fishing With its spectacular underwater flora and fauna there is much to see, making snorkeling a fine experience. A resort will rent boats, alternatively locals will take you on their fishing rakie. Scuba diving Waters off the island offers some of the most exciting extreme dives in the Philippines with adrenaline pumping adventure tresher sharks and manta ray encounters. The dive shops seem mindful of the environment and has a caring attitude to their customers which is as well considering the kind of fish roaming around. They offer introductory courses to advanced scuba diving and there are a couple of wrecks to explore.

La Isla Bonita offers Philippine dishes and pizzas
Ging Ging's is a popular choice, eatery with a large array of options
Kiwi's Restaurant down a track behind Ging Ging's, a small family run eatery with great food and good prices.