Philippine Stock Exchange

The Philippine Stock Exchange (Filipino: Pamilihang Sapi ng Pilipinas) (PSE: PSE) is one of the two stock exchanges in the Philippines, the other one being the Philippine Dealing Exchange. It is the primary stock exchange in the Philippines. Aside from being one of the major stock exchanges in Southeast Asia, it is also the first and the longest one operating since 1927.

It currently maintains two trading floors, one in Makati City's Central Business District and one at its headquarters in Pasig City. It is presently composed of a 15-man board, chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Jose Vitug, an independent director, who was reelected a 4th time on May 18, 2008 (since July 2005). Francis Lim was reelected to a 5th term as president since 2004.

The PSE before the mid-1990s was reminiscent of other outcry stock exchanges found throughout Southeast Asia before the technological advancements made during the last decade. On January 4, 1993, the former Manila Stock Exchange started the computerization of its operations using the Stratus Trading System (STS) with a company called Intelligent Wave Philippines. Later that year, on June 15, the former Makati Stock Exchange adopted the MakTrade trading system, the same system used on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and developed by the Chicago Stock Exchange. Both systems were linked on March 25, 1994, producing one set of opening and closing share prices, but orders were queued up on two different books.

Two years later, on November 13, 1995, both systems were unified when the PSE adopted the "Unified Trading System" (UTS) operating under the MakTrade system.

When the PSE started trading bonds on January 15, 2001, the system was modified to allow stock brokers to trade bonds using the same terminal. Also, the PSE-RoSS Interface System, a system allowing stock brokers to access the Philippine Bureau of the Treasury's Registry of Scriptless Securities (BTr-RoSS), was made operational on the same day.

Companies are listed in the PSE on the First Board, Second Board or the Small and Medium Enterprises Board.