Philippine Science High School System

The Philippine Science High School System is a specialized public high school system in the Philippines that operates as an attached agency of the Philippine Department of Science and Technology.

The PSHS System offers scholarships to Filipino students who are exceptionally gifted in the sciences and mathematics, "helping the country reach a critical mass of professionals in science and technology." Admission to the PSHS is by competitive examination only, and only Filipino citizens are eligible to attend. Graduates of the PSHS are bound by law to major in the pure & applied sciences, mathematics, or engineering upon entering college.

The school holds the highest percentage of entrance test passers in premiere colleges in the Philippines like the University of the Philippines (Batch 2008: ~97%) and the Ateneo de Manila University. Also, Philippine Science High School is known for its outstanding performance in bagging the top scholarships of these universities such as the Oblation and Intarmed Scholarships for University of the Philippines, Merit Scholarships and Director's List for Ateneo de Manila University, and Star Scholarships for De La Salle University.

PSHS also has two publications, namely The Science Scholar, and "Lagablab", where Pisay is definitely one of the national leaders and award baggers in competitions. However, Pisay is more known for its more than impressive performances in both national and international science, technology, and mathematics competitions, such as the Sipnayan, Kapnayan, Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge, Philippine Mathematics Olympiad, Pisikaalaman-Philippine Physics Olympiad, Philippine Chemistry Olympiad, Australian Mathematics Competition and Australian Chemistry Quiz. Through private funding, students enter, bring honor and successfully reap awards in the Taiwan International Science Fair and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair; and of course, the prestigious International Science Olympiads such as the International Math Olympiad, International Junior and Science Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad.

A movie has also been released in honor of Philippine Science. Entitled "Pisay", the movie has acclaimed not only national recognition, as it won Best Director in the 2007 Cinemalaya awards, but also international recognition as it was sent to the Toronto International Film Festival. "Pisay" was directed by an alumnus of the school, Aureus Solito.