Join the festivities during the Masskara Festival (masskara, the Ilonggo word for mask). A big annual Mardi Gras like event celebrated every 3rd week of October. Each of the city's barangays (districts) joins the competition for the fiercely competitive best costumed group. Lots of food and handicraft stalls, street dancing and beer at the Bacolod city plaza area.

Go bowling or play billiards at Negros Superlanes and Entertainment Center at the Goldenfield Commercial Complex.

A must-eat dish is the fresh lumpia (fresh spring roll; not fried). A delicately exquisite treat wrapped in a paper thin translucent crepe filled with fresh coconut tree heart (ubod), pork and shrimp with a garnish of scallion.

Other local delicacies batchoy, piyaya and pinasugbo are all worth sampling.

Bob's on North Drive for the friendly service and local fare. One of the oldest family-favorite restaurants.

Carlo Restaurante Italiano (at the Goldenfield's complex). Italian, steak. Try the garlic smothered steak.

Also try the famous local barbecue chicken called inasalliteral translation "cooked over the fire".'. Lots of good local restaurants specialize in local fare. ;one of the most local area that has been the most oldest restaurants is the "manokan coutry" Try Aboy's' for its inasal. Imay's for a wide variety and open-air dining.

Jo's Chicken Inato is a great choice for fantastic chicken inasal served in a very native style...the food is served on a large banana leaf and typically silverware is not provided unless requested. This is truly a great place to eat for someone who doesn't want to eat something too exotic, but wants to try a native flare.

For the non-gastronome, there's always the local McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts.

For a western taste locals, expats and tourists visit "IMBISS" near Lopues east mall. Famous for German sausages, Fish n chips and other local and international specialities.

Seafood is good at Ting-Ting's North Drive.

Take Inasal to-go at Bacolod Chicken House Singcang. You can call them ahead and specify to have them wrap it good especially if you plan to take food on the plane. They're inasal doesn't lose its juiciness and is not that oily. Reheating using microwave for inasal is not recommended, instead use a steamer.

Favorite Japanese restaurant is Kaisei along Lacson Street. The prices are reasonable and has a relaxed atmosphere. But if you want to go with Japanese Buffet, try out Inaka, Lacson Street. The food is good, has a wide variety of choice and priced favorably.

For local native delicacies, Quan is a must with their famous Cuchinta and Puto.