Orang Dampuan

Between 900 and 1200 A.D. another group of the immigrants came to the Philippines from southern Annam. Known as Orang Dampuan or Men from Champa, they established trading posts in Sulu, resulting in a flourishing trade between Sulu and Southern Annam.

The Orang Dampuans were not politically minded and had no intention of dominating of people of SUlu, who were called Buranuns. Their interest lay in trade. As usually happened, the Orang Dampuans, because of their increasing prosperity, aroused the jealousy of the Buranuns who, in a fit of anger, massacred some Orang Dampuans. The latter, who had superior weapons, took their bloddy revenge on the Buranuns and, having leveled the enemy's villages to the ground, sailed to their homeland. It was not until the 13th century that the Orang Dampuans returned to Sulu to trade peacefully with the natives.