Virac is a 1st class municipality in the province of Catanduanes, Philippines. It is the third largest town and the capital municipality of Catanduanes. It has a land area of 188 km². According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 57,067 people in 11,202 households.

Almost half of the area is rugged and mountainous, with topography interspersed by hills and plains dotted by marshy land and rocky jutting cliffs and crags.

The town is bounded on the east and south by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by high and green mountain ranges of San Miguel, and on the west by the gently rolling terrain and breast-shaped hills of San Andres.

A piece of "onchita" was offered to the chieftain as a gift. But this was rejected when his wife said "we have many pieces of gold in our kingdom". A piece of silver was also offered but also rejected.

A priest then began his quest for more information about the place. Soon after this encounter, the Spaniards began giving the natives provisions not found in the chieftain's hut, such clothing and more sugar. After planting the seeds of friendships, began a stride to spread the message of Christianity. Lumibao was baptized as Jose, Milbigan, his wife Maria and their eldest son Mariano.

The record of Christianization of Virac was lost due to vandalism of the Moros. The history of this town began to be accurately recorded only after 1775.