Pastores de Sibonga

Pastores de Sibonga is a short Christmas play which narrates the story of Christ's nativity as performed in Brgy. Magcagong, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines. The play depicts the shepherd's adoration of the child Jesus.

Pastores de Sibonga dates back to the 1920s (Ocampo, 2004).

It is performed used red fans and white handkerchiefs. An oval-shaped native fan is used and held by the right hand during the performance. The white square handkerchief is held by the left hand folded into a triangular shape.

The accompaniment music is a rondalla of stringed ensembles (guitar, banduria, and bajo). The lyrics tell of the pre-, nativity, and post-nativity settings. It expresses happiness, joy, and worship, and offers praises and gifts for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Pastores de Sibonga is performed by at least four dancers. The female dancer makes use of a red blouse or red shirt paired with a long white skirt. The male dancer wears a red shirt paired with black pants.

Accessories include a round hat decorated with cut-outs of the sun, moon and stars in yellow, red, green, and other brightly colored papers together with a yellow sash placed across the body.