Legazpi Airport

Legazpi Airport (IATA: LGP, ICAO: RPLP) in the Philippines is a major airport in the Bicol Region, serving the vicinity of Legazpi City in Albay. With a runway of 2280 x 36 meters, longer than those of Bacolod City Domestic Airport (1958 x 30 meters) or former Mandurriao Airport in Iloilo City (2100 x 43 meters), the airport can handle medium-sized civilian jets and military aircraft.

Although operating as sunrise-sunset (SR-SS) due to lack of instrument landing system (ILS), the airport can handle night landings and take-off but only on prior notice.

The airport is up for upgrading. It has no ILS such that low ceiling during inclement weather causes flight cancellations, to the chagrin of passengers. It is also only about 12 kilometers from the crater of Mayon Volcano; during eruptions, flights are canceled because of the danger posed by ash fall. The Regional Development Council had previously approved the feasibility study to transfer the airport to a site some 27 kilometers from the crater of Mayon, in barangay Bariis south of Legazpi City. Aside from the advantage of its being way out of ashfall's reach, it is midway between Legazpi and the province of Sorsogon and the emerging eco-tourism destination of Donsol with its whale sharks. Of late, some politicians, though, were able to maneuver that the site be transferred to Alobo, Daraga which at 15 kilometers from Mayon's crater, is only two or three kilometers farther from the present runway. Also, planes using Alobo will take the same approach used at present: through Jovellar/Camalig areas that are prone to ash fall during eruptions; planes will also fly over the urban areas of Daraga and Legazpi. If it will be Bariis, approach/takeoff will be along thinly populated land; even over the sea (Poliqui Bay and Albay Gulf), making 24/7 operations feasible and practical.